Dark Chocolate Could Be Very Good For You

It used to be that chocolate whether milk or dark (bittersweet, semi-sweet) was once considered an indulgence to be avoided if you were on a diet or trying to lose weight. However, recent studies seem to contradict this belief and have shown dark chocolate to be a serious health booster as well as an aid for losing weight. For example, dark chocolate is filled with flavonoid antioxidants. So what does that mean? Essentially these neutralize the harmful effects of free oxygen radicals on the cells. In many studies these antioxidants were shown to have a protective effect against cancer and heart disease. Dark chocolate has also been shown to be an aid in weight loss because after consuming dark chocolate you feel full. In addition it has been found that consuming dark chocolate lessens the interest in fatty, salty and sugary foods. So enjoy your dark chocolate but when you do make certain you are consuming chocolate with 70% or more cocoa.
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