Chocolate Blocks

Chocolate Blocks

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    Guittard Nocturne 91% Dark


    Guittard Nocturne 91% Dark Chocolate is premium extra dark chocolate. It's made with just 4 ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla beans.  Guittard Nocturne 91% Dark Chocolate features an exceptional blend of cocoa...

Chocolate Blocks for Baking at OliveNation

Bakeries, candy makers, ice cream shops, and restaurants often buy blocks of chocolate for crafting baked goods, chocolate desserts, ice cream, and candy. When you make a large quantity of a dessert, it makes sense to use chocolate blocks. They're also ideal for instances where you want to temper chocolate for dipping and making confections.

Our favorite ways to use chocolate blocks include making chocolate ganache, chocolate bark, chocolate shavings, grated chocolate, and cookies.

Need a large chocolate block for your business? We know quality chocolate in large quantities at good prices can be hard to find. OliveNation is a fantastic source for chocolate of all kinds. From chocolate extracts to cocoa powder, we have what serious bakers and professionals need. If you work in a restaurant, own a bakery, make ice cream, or craft confections in a candy shop, consider purchasing blocks of chocolate from OliveNation. We have an easy-to-use wholesale program as well.

How to Chop a Block of Chocolate

Breaking down a solid bar of chocolate can be a bit tricky. There is more than one method chopping a chocolate block. We prefer to use a large serrated knife, or bread knife, and cutting board. Place the knife's blade on one corner of the chocolate and the tip on your cutting board. Press down with both hands. The knife's serrations will break the chocolate into pieces. Some people use an ice pick to chop chocolate blocks. Others go the safe route with a chocolate chipper. Whatever method you choose, be sure to use caution while breaking down chocolate.

How to Melt Chocolate

Most people purchase blocks of chocolate for melting and tempering. To melt a block of chocolate, first chop it into small pieces. Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl or top of a double boiler. Fill the bottom of a double boiler with a couple of inches of water. Or add an inch of water to a wide skillet. Place the heatproof bowl in the bottom of the double boiler or on top of the skillet. Simmer over low heat and stir with a rubber/silicone spatula until the chocolate is melted. Remove the top of the double boiler or heatproof bowl from the water. Carefully wipe off the bottom to remove water. You don't want to get any water into the melted chocolate because it will seize. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20-second intervals on high. Stir chocolate after each interval.