Beer Making

Beer Making


Beer Making Flavors and Extracts for Home and Commercial Brewing

Trying new ways of flavoring beers? Our professional strength brewing extracts and flavors for beer making might just be exactly what you're looking for to (literally) spice up your operation. OliveNation offers a wide variety of options for creating and almost infinite variety of flavorful beverages for any size brewer. Whether you're looking for commercial scale bulk extracts for flavoring beer, vanilla beans or herbs for infusing a homebrew, or spices for infusing to create a seasonal specialty, we have the ingredients you need, at a price you'll like. 

What Kinds of Flavor Ingredients Can Be Used in Beer Making?

  • Liquid Extracts
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Seeds
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Chili Peppers

Adding flavor to beer can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary at any scale. Home brewers can easily create custom brews for friends and family, craft and micro breweries can make specialty flavored ales, porters, stouts, and more, and commercial breweries can stay on top of trending tastes. Different spices, herbs, and dried ingredients can, at different stages, add varying amounts of taste, from the slightest hint to predominant notes. Combining flavors when making beer can create delicious new twists, from peppery porters to fruited ales with floral notes to French vanilla cream ales. Try combining spices and extracts with all natural ready to use pureed fruit for a delicious twist. With the right flavor ingredients for beer, the possibilities are endless!