California Blenheim Apricots

Dried California Blenheim Apricots Are Best On Market

Dried apricots are available almost anyplace snack foods are sold as well as the produce section of most supermarkets. However, you can be certain; the apricots sold there are not the prized California Blenheim variety. Why not, you might ask? Well several reasons. For starts the Blenheim varieties are grown in certain selected areas and are of very limited quantity. The low quantity is due to the fact that this variety is extremely delicate, has a low shelf life and does not ship well in its fresh state. So another reason is that these apricots are going to cost more. These days when so much buying is done strictly on price, it should come as no surprise that a lesser-priced product is going to sell better. But for the dried apricot aficionado there is no substitute for the Blenheims. If you love the cloying taste of a fine apricot then go to OliveNation and order some dried Blenheims. We warn you though, they are addictive!
Apricots Dried

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