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Bulgur Wheat

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Bulgur Wheat is a whole grain that's packed with nutrition and tastes a bit nutty. One cup of cooked bulgur wheat contains 8 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. It is also a source of iron, magnesium, and other minerals.

Nutrition: Is Bulgur Wheat Better for You Than Rice?

Bulgur is more nutritious than white rice. It has a higher protein and fiber content and is lower on the glycemic index. A cup of cooked white rice has less than one gram of fiber and 4.3 grams of protein. However, brown rice is considered more nutritious than white with 3.5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein per cup of cooked grain. Bulgur has more protein and fiber than brown rice.

When cooked perfectly, bulgur wheat is fluffy and tender, kind of like rice or couscous. Bulgur wheat is used in cuisines around the world. You'll find it in Middle Eastern tabbouleh (tabouli), which is an amazing cold salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, bulgur, lemon juice, oil, and chopped mint or parsley. Lebanese kibbeh (kibbie) is another delicious dish that incorporates bulgur. Seasoned ground meat is breaded in bulgur and cooked -- sometimes fried or baked.

At OliveNation, we sell two types of Bulgur Wheat: Fine and Coarse. You can buy bulk quantities of our bulgur wheat, which is ideal for professional kitchens. It's also great for home chefs who use a lot of the ingredient. Bulgur Wheat cooks quickly compared to rice and other whole grains, so try it as part of a nutritious weeknight meal.

What is Bulgur?

Bulgur Wheat is made from hard red winter wheat berries. During processing, a bit of the bran is removed from hulled wheat kernels. Then, the grains are steamed, dried, and processed. Grains can be ground fine, medium, and coarse. All types of bulgur cook quickly, but the finer the grains, the faster they get tender.

What are the Benefits of Bulgur Wheat?

Bulgur has several benefits including:

  • It is a good source of protein, fiber, and other nutrients
  • Bulgur cooks relatively quickly for weeknight dinners
  • The whole grain can be used in main and side dishes

You can buy fine bulgur wheat and coarse bulgur in bulk at OliveNation. Buying in bulk can save you money. It's also a great options for restaurants and other food service businesses.