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Olive Nation Testimonials

It may be good for my health . . . but it is even better for my palate. The Fontanelle oil is incredible. - Sean C., CA

Thank you so much for your LeVeneziane Gluten Free pasta. I can't believe how wonderful it is to eat pasta that really tastes like pasta. I have tried so many gluten free pastas and been constantly disappointed with the taste and texture I was just about to give up. LeVeneziane pasta is the best tasting pasta I have ever had. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy Italian pasta once again while maintaining my gluten free diet for celiac disease. - Elizabeth Fleming

Got my pasta this evening. THANK YOU does not seem enough! I LOVE the pasta. It is just like the real thing, not slimy and falling apart. No horrid smell. It is WONDERFUL. I have not had more than a single macaroni in over a year. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and stomach!!!!! LOL

I will be in touch and will share your product info with All my friends. There is also a gluten free bakery I will share your address with. I hope they will utilize your pasta. - M MacDonald


I can't believe how good my shrimp scampi taste with your olive oil. It seems that all my old favorites have gotten better with your products. What a discovery. - Melissa Liebig

I bought the corn pasta and we love it. My husband and I are gluten intolerant and this is one of the best pastas we have tried. It cooks well, tastes great, and reheats just fine. I have recommended to other Celiac-Sprue friends. - Anna Maria Winter

This Christmas I was looking for a simple anise biscotti recipe. I came across your recipe and have to tell you what a hit it was with all our family. In fact I just made the 4th batch. Even though the holidays are over, these are a wonderful cookie to have on hand. I will definitely be trying some of your other recipes. Many thanks! - Laura Proctor

WOW! I have purchased vanilla beans at the grocery store and paid 11, or 12 dollars apiece. I bought your bourbon madagascar beans, 7 for 9.99 and I am still amazed at how much nicer and more fragrant they are. I bought two sets, of 7, and just got them today, but I am anxious to buy some more, just so I know I will have them. I make my own vanilla, and want to make some for gifts, this year at Christmas. Bless you. I am a very happy customer. - Gloria Pena

I finally got around to taste-testing your wonderful olive oils. Very yummy. Light, flavorful, tasty...a real treat with some sour dough and balsamic vinegar. I will be sure to reorder when I run out. Thank you for suggesting such delightful olive oils. - Anita

Very fast service at a reasonable price and the extract was very powerful. I loved it! Made all my desserts and they came out beautifully. Thanks Olive Nation I will order from your company again. - Vitina Caradonna


We have been using the House of Nobile olive oil exclusively over the past four months. It is now our olive oil of choice. Nothing found on our local grocery shelves can compare. Simply delicious. Light, with a touch of fruit, and an aroma to die for. :)
- edward tatko

The gluten free pasta made with corn was delicious, just what I thought an Italian person would make. If anyone could made corn pasta that tasted good it would be someone from Italy - Joan Babin

GREAT customer service! Excellent variety of products. - Linda Jo Bugbee

Mmmmm, right from your olive tree to my table - thank you - it brings back great vacation memories! - Michelle Williams, CA

Dear Chiara and Amit,

Your customer service is exceptional.
Glad I found you on the web. Thank
you for your assistance. Continued
success in your endeavors.


Antoinette Gisoldi
- A. Gisoldi

My husband and I made the corn pasta tonight, Le Veneziane spaghetti, it is delicious. The best pasta we've ever had. Very light and easy to enjoy. We put a very light sauce on it. I am very pleased with our purchase. - Sheila Duquette

Your olive oils are fantastic! My summer salads are even better this year!
Thank you! - Kathy Galvin

I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 2 years ago. Pasta was in my blood, and on our table many nights each week. The loss was almost too much to bear. Now I find Le Veneziane Pasta from Olive Nation. IT IS AMAZING and the best ever! The taste is light and delicious, it cooks to al dante with ease, and holds up even as left overs. We are very excited, and have ordered lots in thelast 2 weeks.
Multo bene!

Thanks....a wonderful find! Ciao..... - Bob C.

I am so happy to have found your site. I have been shopping around for pure cinnamon oil for my Italian recipes. I cannot believe what I see. I am so happy I found you. Will be placing my order shortly. I just dont know where to begin. What a great surprise. I have just called all my relatives about this site. They too will be very pleased. If we want any kind of decent Italian products we have to go to Chicago. I would rather order from you than drive 3 hours. What a great surprise, - Frances LaBruzzo Duran

Great service, super products. A-1 Company. Recommend to all. P. - Penelope Dusio

"To find olive oil online like the oil we tasted on our trip to Tuscany is a dream come true. Grazie Olivenation!" - Joe Notini, NH

Ciao, this is my second time ordered my Sea Salts of Trapani. I love them, they are absolutely the Best, the flavor is so enhancing and makes everything delicious. The So Salt Aromatic is a great mix of seasoning and flavors I can't live without, the taste is there. When I have any questions or concerns, they are right there to assist and help. Thank you Amit Mitra. Rosemary - Rosemary Truisi

We are a food writer and a test kitchen chef and have received our first order from OliveNation. We review restaurants, specialty food products and develop recipes for food distributors and chefs in the U.S. and in the U.K. We look for the artisan-produced, small quantity, unique ingredients from a variety of cuisines. These products from OliveNation are SUPERB! The Balsamic is top quality at a very fair price; among the very best we have ever had. The sea salt sampler is generous, excellent quality and you can see and taste three different and distinct flavors. The pasta selections are like "hand-made wonders" we have only found in the small, local shops on the Amalfi and south. And the coffee is unbelievably delicious; flavor as rich and deep as we have ever found. OliveNation is doing something different: offering TRULY unique and highest quality artisan products. Each item was securely protected in shipping, too. What a joy to find a supplier who can be your source of "secret ingredients."

Le Gastronomer & La Chef
- Le Gastronomer

I served two of the olive oils at a recent dinner party and my guests loved them! I had to refill the dipping bowls more than once, and everyone wanted to know more about how to find Olive Nation. I'm excited to try more! - Leslie Goodyear, MA

I have been ordering from OliveNation for about 4 months now and I can tell that I have never been disappointed. Exceptional customer service. The MOST AMAZING pasta (Le Veneziane) that you will ever eat. The San Giacomo balsamic is wonderful. I can't wait to try more of your items. - Jo Eason

I just received my first order from you (4/22), placed 4/19 for the 5 peppercorn mix. Thank you very much for the quick turn around. Absolutely fabulous customer service, I will share your name, products and excellent service with everyone who will listen to me!
Thank you very much. - R Littlefield

I just wanted to say I received my order and I am very pleased with the order I have already made mellazone (grilled eggplant)and it turned out great I just got back from the tuscana region it was my first time in Italy and I loved it.I'm going to try more recipes from that region.Thanks for the prompt delivery of the items.Mary Edgell - Mary Edgell


Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I will order from you again. The Spinosi Egg Pasta is the best pasta I have ever eaten. Even better than some of the fresh pasta I have had, the corn pasta tastes so good and I don't even have gluten allergies. I felt like I was taking a tour of Italy with my taste buds through your website. Sunita - Sunita Patel

Thank you so much for the quick shipping. I ordered the vanilla beans on Sunday,and they were here Wednesday! You have my business for life. Thanks Michael - Michael Moore

I received my first order in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with the manner in which my order was handled and I shall be purchasing more items in the near future. - Frank Manzo

Loved the apple extract...used it in place of vanilla.
Next time will use less sugar. Fast service, thanks! - Jeanette Cimo

I had faith in your guys products before I bought them, I actually was just astonished by the many reviews you guys had that I read. I recently ordered a few products from you guys to start making these wonderful flans, after doing some taste testing on all of them I was highly satisfied and content. I will continue to order from you guys in the future! - Michelle Vito

I stumbled on OliveNation a few months ago while searching for an alternative to the typical poor-but-pricey supermarket olive oil. Olive Nation's costs are quite reasonable, quality is superb and you can't beat their shipping--both speed-wise and cost-wise. Hope you expand your product line one of these days! - David SOBE