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OliveNation's Perfect Cup of Mate

Yerba Mate is traditionally served with a metal straw (bombilla) from a shared hollow calabash gourd. Whether brewed traditionally in a mate gourd, steeped like tea, or even brewed like coffee in a French press or an espresso maker, there are many ways Mate can be enjoyed.

We brew it like other types of infusions or teas:

Rinse the Yerba Mate with cool water before brewing
Place 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Mate in a strainer on top of your mug (or in a tea ball or sachet).
Add hot water (160–180 °F) to the mug.
Steep for at least 5 minutes. Remove the Mate and enjoy*.
Mate can be sweetened with juices, sugars and different types of milk, according to your taste.

*More water can be added to infuse the Mate several times.

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