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Ginger and Wood Ear Chicken Stirfry

• 1 cup chicken
• 2 tablespoons fish sauce
• 2 cloves chopped garlic
• 1/3 cup julienne ginger
• 1 onion
• 2 teaspoons sugar
• 2 oz. Wood Ear Mushroom

Reconstitute the Wood Ear Mushrooms.
Thinly julienne the ginger.
Halve the onion lengthwise and slice lengthwise into pieces so that when cooked and separated, all pieces will look the same. Slice or break the mushrooms into bite size pieces. Y
Add a tablespoon of oil to a hot work over medium to high heat. Add chopped garlic and some of the julienned ginger and fry for a minute or so. The ginger and garlic will start to turn brown. Add chicken and stir to coat the chicken with oil for a minute or so. Add onion, the rest of ginger and ear wood mushrooms. Stir to mix well. Add fish sauce and sugar. Stir for a couple minutes to cook all ingredients and let the ingredients absorb the fish sauce and sugar.
Serve hot over steamed rice.

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