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Different Recipes for Bruschette

I just usually grill the bread on my barbeque, rub a clove of garlic over it once, add a spoonful (or more) of extra virgin olive oil, some salt and I have a bruschetta! Our neighbors in Venarotta, Marche make it that way. My wife, Chiara, chops up some tomatoes and adds a little chopped parsley and a garlic clove while they marinade in extra virgin olive oil. She lets them sit for a couple of hours. We usually throw away the garlic cloves after that otherwise the garlic taste becomes too strong (for us). Then we grill or toast some bread and spoon some of the tomato-olive oil mixture on it. Yumm! It’s impossible to stop eating.

A customer of ours said that her grandmother, who is from northern Italy, sprinkles parmesan cheese on top as well. That sounds good, too.

Other bruschetta toppings include olive tapenade, eggplant in tomato sauce, grilled vegetables and herbs.
DeCarlo DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This house has won awards since 1908. Enjoy their oils with steamed fish and seafood.
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